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Systems engineering and software engineering for embedded systems.

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We are providing development services in technical R&D. Our main expertise are system engineering activities like requirements engineering, usability engineering, system architecture and software architecture. Mainly for embedded systems in Automotive, Aerospace and Medical Technologies

Sysiopeya LTD the system and software company from Cyprus helps with system and software development


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Typical R&D tasks like requirements engineering and requirements management with DOORS, RV&S Integrity, Sparx Enterprise Architect

Medical Technologies

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Specific R&D Tasks like supporting certifications


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R&D activities like specification, supporting development processes according aerospace processes, norms and regulation.

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Experience since 1999 in many R&D technology areas

Medical Technologies

Sysiopeya LTD provided technical development support for a proton therapy device (a cyclotron-based particle accelerator used in cancer treatment)

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Consulting for realization of requirements-based development processes, audits, certifications (FDA, ISO 60601)
Introduction and teaching of systems engineering methods.
Practical execution of requirements engineering, requirements management (DOORS, scripting with DXL). Support of the risk management (safety).
Support of user research / usability requirements analysis, UX/UI requirements
Support of system architecture (SysML, Sparx Enterprise Architect)
Leading a small requirements team (3 people) remotely.
Remote collaboration work worldwide (headquarter in California), Working via ZOOM and MS Teams.

Automotive ECU Development

Support system development of a front camera system.
ADAS Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Far Field Applications – Front Camera, to be used in autonomous driving.
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Requirements Engineering and Management of the customer functions for object detection with AI / Deep Learning (ML). Technical Project Management.
System- and Software workshops together with OEM and tier 2 supplier.
DOORS, PTC Integrity, MS Project, PTC Windchill, Enterprise Architect, MS Visio
Coordination of the feature development for development sites in USA, Israel, India.
Support of vehicle test drives.
Support of problem management and change management processes.
Headunit communication model, HMI, diagnostics requirements, DSP algorithms, image quality, use case analysis.
Tools: DOORS (incl. DXL), MKS, Enterprise Architect, Visio, CANoe, Candela

Automotive ECU Development

Fully Digital Instrument Clusters (Dashboards) for passenger cars. These are the displays in the cockpit like tachometer or RPM engine speed indicator.
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Requirements Engineering, Requirements Management (DOORS, DXL)
ASPICE conform traceability, system specifications, software specifications, software design, module specifications, software module tests, integration test specifications. DOORS, Atlassian JIRA, Confluence
Trainings, User support, Setup of KPIs.
Software Architecture for HMI software of instrument clusters for VW, BMW, Daimler.
Usage of UML tools (IBM Rhapsody), Creation of Software Design Documents, Software Modul Specifications.
Open GL ES, graphic functions.
Traceability following ASPICE (old version) ENG.5, ENG.6.
Tools: IBM Rhapsody, DOORS, EB Guide, Inhouse Tools, HMI Toolchain, PTC, Mercurial.

Automotive Brake System Development (PassEnger Cars)

Future brake system for high autonomous driving in electrical cars (electromobility).
System requirements for brake systems.

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System architecture according to functional safety (ISO 26262)
Preparation and moderation of requirements workshops in Germany and Korea.
Requirements Management (DOORS, PTC Integrity).
Support of ASPICE conform concepts, support of an RFQ for a German OEM (VW). Support of sub-supplier management and outsourcing.
Support of development processes (ASPICE), Definition of processes with BPMN.
Modelling System Architecture and Software Architecture (Sparx Enterprise Architect)
Workshops, Training, Coaching about UML/SysML for engineers.

Automotive Brake System Development (Trucks)

Development of truck and agriculture vehicle pneumatic brake systems. Electronic brake system including vehicle control and stability systems like ABS, ESP

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Concepts, coaching, workshops for requirements engineering.
Application of practical oriented methods in the frame of ISO 26262 and Automotive SPICE.
Management of system engineering, requirements, reverse Engineering, software architecture workshops (intern, US and India).
Development of specifications, hazard and risk analysis, failure tree analysis.
Support in requests for quotation, effort analysis, technical presentations.
System specifications for the following areas:
ESC (Electronic Stability Control), ABS (Anti Blocking System), ATC (Automatic Traction Control), BM (Brake Management), Vehicle Model, Brake Components.

AeroSpace System Development

Development of  Avionic Systems for Military and Civil aeroplanes and helicopters. DSMS Doors and Slide Management system for Airbus A380.
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Analysis, Development and management of system requirements, system architecture
Concepts for system engineering (Enhancement of existing processes incl. coaching and
practical usage)
Processing of problem reports (Serena dimensions)
Integration tests, reverse engineering for software functionalities.
DOORS, Rhapsody
Development of system requirements und modelling of a system architecture (UML, SysML).
Workshops with pilots (usability).
Creation of system specifications in English language.
Concepts and improvements of system development processes (RBE).
Knowledge of military standards like MILBus, Arinc, APEX.
Execution of system- and integration tests.
Concept for validation reviews.
Usage of reverse engineering methods.

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